June 24, 2020


This month our construction team broke ground at Nautique Lakefront Residences! After pausing work on site as a result of COVID-19, the team started this month by beginning the excavation and shoring work. 

Nautique Lakefront Residences has 7 stories of underground parking (which makes it the second-deepest in all of Ontario!) To support that depth of excavation during the completion of the underground structure, we are using a shoring system combined of Soldier Piles and shotcrete with tie backs. The Soldier Piles were installed this month, and consist of steel beams over 50’ ft in length, drilled into the ground to support the building. 

Now that all Solider Piles have been completed, next up we are starting the excavation, applying the shotcrete and installing the tie backs for the shoring system.