September 23, 2020


As we close out Summer 2020 and welcome the fall season, we hope that everyone has been able to enjoy the warm weather despite the ongoing pandemic! It has been an exciting couple of months on-site for construction at the Nautique Lakefront Residences, and we are thrilled to provide some updates.

In July, our construction team was able to break ground to begin excavation on our 7-level underground parking garage. This has been noted as the second deepest parking garage in all of Ontario! Over the course of August, 4 meters in depth was excavated across the site, making significant progress on the parking garage.  The construction team installed 3 rows of tiebacks and completed shotcrete for the first three levels. These tiebacks help take away some of the weight from the retaining wall and apply it into the ground for additional support, while shotcrete is sprayed onto the tiebacks to create the walls of the foundation. Additionally, the first level of corner bracings was installed to provide further support to the construction of the parking garage walls.

As we reach the end of September, we are happy to share that the fourth row of tiebacks and shoring has begun. Shale layer excavation has also started, allowing our construction team to continue building a strong foundation for our high-rise. Excavation is moving along quickly, having dug an additional two meters this month bringing us to a total of 6 meters deep. Finally, the construction team was able to install a dewatering system for assistance with groundwater control. Dewatering involves controlling the groundwater via a pump to remove water buildup when excavating.

Through the month of October, construction is targeting completion of the fourth, fifth, and sixth rows of tiebacks, completing 50% of the total shoring and excavation works. Construction on the parking garage will continue for the next five months, with a heavy focus on excavation and shoring works to continue building the parking garage. We look forward to providing you with more updates in October as the building takes shape!