Our Leadership Principles

Safety First

Leaders ensure the safety and well being of all. Keeping everyone safe is their top priority. They foster a safe working environment, audit regularly and quickly correct defects.

Customer Obsession

Leaders know they exist to deliver joy to our customers. They are customer obsessed. They start with customers and work backwards. They never cease to perfect the experience and tirelessly work to keep customer trust. Leaders deliver exceptional service and quality, with a goal to be rewarded with a smile. Although they know their competitors, they focus on customers.

Insist on Excellence in Everything

Leaders have extremely high standards. Perfection is intimidating to many, but not us. Leaders insist on excellence with their teams to deliver the highest quality products, services, and processes. Leaders get to the root cause of defects, never pass them down the line, fix them and keep them fixed. Leaders are in the pursuit of perfection.

Integrity and Respect

Leaders operate with the highest level of integrity and honesty. When they give their word, they keep it and deliver on their promise. Leaders always treat everyone with respect, in and outside the company.

Always Learn and Continuously Improve

Leaders are curious. They never stop learning and are always on the quest for self improvement. They never accept the status quo. They always look to revisit and improve their processes and standards to deliver on the organization’s objectives. They constantly seek new knowledge and act on it.

Run Lean and Be Frugal

Leaders look for ways to do more with less. Less breeds creativity and resourcefulness. Leaders attack the waste in their process. They work relentlessly to reduce lead times, cut costs, and never sacrifice on quality. Frivolous spending, growing headcounts or budget size will not be rewarded.

Bias Toward Action

Leaders understand speed is a competitive advantage. They motivate their teams to take massive action to deliver on their targets and deadlines within the shortest lead time. They move fast, whether it is to resolve customer issues, remove constraints, start new initiatives, or help teammates. They understand most decisions are reversible and take calculated risk. Leaders never subscribe to over analyzing and know the difference between activity and productivity.

Think Big

Thinking small leads to small results. Leaders inspire their teams in a bold direction to deliver results. Leaders know if they are going to be thinking anyway, they might as well think big. It takes just as much effort and time to do something small as it takes to do something big.


Leaders think and act like owners. They think long term, and never focus on short term results. They understand their actions affect and reflect on the entire company. They hold themselves and their teams accountable to their and the organizations goals and metrics. They never say, “that’s not my job”.

Deliver Results

Leaders are relentlessly tenacious and have grit. They remain poised, confident and enjoy difficult challenges. They focus on their process and business inputs to deliver results on time and at the highest quality. Effort without results will not be applauded.

Earn and Build Trust

Leaders listen attentively, then speak respectfully. They are vocally self critical even when it is uncomfortable to do so. Leaders know trust is earned and work hard to earn and keep the trust of everyone in and outside of the company.

Go See, Dig Deep

Leaders do not manage from their desks. They go to the place of work and see. They know the details, and audit frequently. They humbly inquire and take corrective action and coach their teams when metrics show abnormalities. Leaders do not blame, and do not make excuses.

Innovate and Keep it Simple

Leaders require their teams to innovate and invent to find simpler ways to accomplish their objectives. They look for inspiration everywhere, harness their creativity and do not believe in “Not invented here” syndrome. Through thoughtful experimentation, they try things, and keep what works. Leaders are not afraid to fail. They creatively invent new products or services for our customers.

Debate, Disagree and Commit

Leaders are radically candid. They have back bone and do not bite their tongue. They respectfully challenge decisions when they do not agree even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders are tenacious and know it is their duty to give their feedback. Not doing so is disloyal to the company. They get input from their teams and farm for dissent. Once a decision is made, they fully commit.

Hire and Develop the Best

Leaders constantly look to improve performance. They hire the best. They seek passionate and hard-working talent, coach them to success, give them more responsibility, and move them throughout the organization. Leaders develop leaders.

Passion and Challenge

Leaders love what they do. They know when their passion is focused on a vision they can achieve what most call the impossible. Leaders embrace difficult challenges. They push themselves and their teams to solve complex problems to achieve the company’s objectives