October 12, 2020


It has been another productive month on-site for our construction team at Nautique Lakefront Residences, and we are thrilled to provide some updates.


September brought exciting changes on site. Shale layer excavation continued, and a dewatering system was installed.  The dewatering system will help control groundwater buildup, which will be very beneficial in managing through the damper months.


Throughout the month of October, progress continued at a steady pace. The fourth row of tiebacks was completed, and excavation efforts have begun for the fifth row. An additional two meters in depth has been excavated, bringing the depth of excavation to a total of 8 meters.  As Nautique is home to one of the deepest parking garages in Ontario, every meter dug brings us closer to project completion.


Excavation and shoring works will continue throughout the month of November. By month-end, we aim to have the fifth row of tiebacks completed, with excavation beginning on the sixth row. Once the sixth row has been completed, that will mark the half-way point of the total excavation and shoring works. We look forward to continuing to bring you updates on a regular basis as construction progresses.