January 21, 2022


In our first update of the year, we have many recent achievements at Nautique luxury condos to announce!

Our crews are “on another level” and have advanced the concrete works for parking levels rapidly through December. The slab for Level 2 in the parking garage is complete, along with Levels 3-7 already finished. With the current momentum of progress, we will see concrete and forming work for the parking levels to be complete in the coming weeks.

These important milestones will provide our teams the footing to begin building above grade, which is due to begin in the Spring. It won’t be long before Nautique begins to peak above ground to gaze at the unobstructed lake views!

And for those who have been considering purchasing a unit at Nautique Lakefront Residences; we will be releasing a limited selection of condo penthouse suites this Spring! We welcome you to stay tuned for more project updates by registering at adidevelopments.com/community/nautique/, and by following us on social media: @AdiDevelopments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.