March 9, 2017


Our LINK community has the south road located off Sutton Drive base material installed. We are expecting the curbs to be installed in the coming weeks.

At LINK 1, the Natura building windows are fully installed up to the 6th floor. The retail windows are complete and the doors are now going to be installed. Exterior blue skin installation for the stucco will commence in the coming weeks while the exterior brick around the retail windows is complete. Hallway framing and suite framing continue and drywall installation on the second and third floors will commence the second week of March. Inside the suites, the mechanical and electrical rough-ins are complete. Bathtubs continue to be installed and the kitchens are being measured; delivery of kitchens will begin mid-March. The main lobby framework and windows are installed and the door installation will commence shortly. Elevators have been delivered and installation has commenced. Flooring and stairs for the lofts and townhomes will be installed in the coming weeks along with the electrical and mechanical items. Grading around the site and landscape will commence in the coming weeks.

The Terra building windows up to the 4th floor have been installed and the 5th floor window installation is in progress with the 6th floor window installation to follow. Window frames for the retail space are installed with glass to be installed this month. Inside the building, the hallways have been laid out and framing will commence shortly! The entry drive aisle has been deck and is now ready for concrete.

Over at LINK 2, the Vert building 2nd floor slab has been poured and the ground floor decking has started to make its way to the courtyard. The exterior perimeter weepers are installed, waterproofing continues to progress well and the backfill has begun.

The Solara building is starting to gain momentum! The columns and exterior foundation wall footings have been excavated and concrete has been poured as well as the perimeter foundation wall has been poured. In the coming weeks, we will start to see the slab on grade and the ground floor under the building starting to take shape!

Stay tuned for monthly updates as move-in dates quickly approach.

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